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Jenna Angelo, RN

BRCA Center Clinical Manager

Breast cancer prevention is a subject close to Jenna’s heart and she tenaciously strives to provide exemplary care for each patient she meets. Jenna believes it is a privilege to take part in her patients’ care throughout their BRCA journey and is inspired by each individual’s story to serve with compassion and empathetically navigate her patients throughout their diagnosis. Jenna has honed her skills in breast cancer prevention and 

treatment over a nine year career in nursing.

She has two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in Biology and one in Nursing. She received the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Drexel University. Currently, she is working on a Family Nurse Practitioner degree at George Washington University and desires to continue treating high risk and BRCA patients upon completion of her degree. Jenna’s personal and professional experiences are the driving force that motivates her to providing compassionate preventative care to our patients.

Jenna Angelo BRCA Center Nurse Clinical
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