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Erika Renkes

Genetic Counselor

Erika Renkes is a genetic counselor with the Northwell Cancer Genetics Program. Erika works with patients to develop an individualized management plan to address their specific concerns, whether they have just been diagnosed with a BRCA mutation or have known about their mutation for a while and would like an update on our current knowledge surrounding BRCA. Erika earned her Master’s degree in Genetic Counseling at the Joan H. 

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Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics at Sarah Lawrence College and her undergraduate degree in Biology at The University of Iowa. Erika is also an adjunct faculty member at Sarah Lawrence College where she is a co-instructor for the Evidence-Based Practice and Advanced Human Genetics courses. As genetic counselors, we work with the breast surgeons, medical oncologists, plastic surgeons, gynecologic oncologists, reproductive endocrinologists, Cancer Geneticist, and other important medical team members to provide comprehensive care for patients who have a BRCA mutation or other hereditary cancer syndromes. Our team is here to provide evaluation, counseling, testing and support- we’ll be with you throughout the process and beyond. 

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