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Genetic Testing

Genetics researchers are continually finding mutations in genes that are linked to developing certain cancers.


The following personal and/or family characteristics suggest an individual should be tested for such a mutation: 


    • Breast cancer before the age of 50

    • Triple-negative tumor (ER-PR-HER2-) in someone younger than 60

    • Ashkenazi Jewish heritage and breast cancer at any age

    • Two or more breast cancers in one individual

    • First-degree relative with breast cancer diagnosed before age 50

    • Two relatives on the same side of the family with breast cancer              and/or pancreatic cancer

    • Family or personal history of ovarian cancer, fallopian cancer, or            primary peritoneal cancer

    • Male breast cancer

    • Known mutation carrier in the family


Our office offers on-site genetic counseling and genetic testing. This can be done simply with a  blood or saliva sample and evaluation of your medical and family history. 


Genetic testing can help men and women and their family members know if they are at a higher risk for developing cancer because of an inherited BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation or mutations in other cancer related genes that may influence risk of gynecologic, pancreatic, prostate, kidney, thyroid, and skin cancers.


Once your results are available our physicians and genetic counselor will guide you through interpreting the results and treatment options.

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