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Sharon Pollack

Genetic Counselor
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Sharon Pollack is a genetic counselor, instructor, researcher, and program leader at the New York BRCA Center. She is experienced in working with, and developing a treatment plan for patients who are at an increased risk of developing cancer because of a genetic mutation. Sharon graduated from the Joan H. Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics in 2016 and has also earned her master’s degree in Bioethics from Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

She currently works as a genetic counselor NHPP Breast Surgery at Columbus Circle, under the auspices of Dr. Sharon Rosenbaum-Smith, Dr. Paul Baron, and Dr. Krystina Tongson, where she provides risk assessment, education, and support to individuals and families at risk for, or diagnosed with hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes. She volunteers her time at Genearations, the Center for Rare Jewish Genetic Disorders at Bonei Olam, a non-profit organization which provides resources and support to couples experiencing infertility. Sharon also serves as a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors at Sarah Lawrence College. 

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