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Dr. Krystina Tongson

Breast Specialist

Dr. Krystina Tongson is a fellowship trained and board certified breast surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital. In addition to treating patients with benign and malignant breast disease she has a special interest in caring for patients who are at high risk for developing breast cancer. Depending on their individual needs this may involve surveillance, screening, medical treatment and/or surgical risk reduction. Dr. Tongson is passionate about her patient’s wellbeing and she recognizes

that the best outcomes come from understanding each patient’s priorities in the context of their risk assessment and genetic testing results. For some patients this may mean close follow up with the most up to date imaging protocols and for others this may mean prophylactic surgery. Dr. Tongson recognizes that caring for patients with a genetic predisposition to cancer is multifaceted. In this regard she works closely with her colleagues to ensure her patients receive comprehensive care to achieve long term health.

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